Business Capabilities

Commodity Machining and Basic Assembly

  • Multi-Axis Tsugami Swiss Turn Lathes, with Milling and Cross-Drilling, Chuck Lathes
  • Brass,/Non-Ferrous, Aluminum, Stainless and Alloy, Carbon Steels, Most Finishes
  • Bar stock or customer supplied material

Quality and Engineering

  • Advanced quality planning
  • Lights-out machining
  • SPC as needed
  • Tool, fixture and gage design
  • Design of experiments to test actual conditions before production launches

End of Life-Cycle/Non-Core Specialists

  • Low overhead by design
  • Quick-turns and prototyping
  • Prototype to 180,000 pcs/yr prod
  • Assembly, testing and kitting (blister pack and clam shell)
  • Basic supply chain management

Reason to Believe

  • 99.5% lot acceptance rate ’14, ’15, ’16, ’17, ’18, ’19
  • Average key customer tenure is 18 years
  • More than 40 years contract machining experience
  • Part prices held without increase for an average of 3 years

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