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CSM enables us to create high-quality products at lower costs. See how our CSM system will benefit you!

CSM=Common Sense Manufacturing which, by definition, means quality parts delivered on time at a competitive price.

Since our founding in 1990,  Swivel-Tek Industries has been providing high quality brass, steel and aluminum fittings and assembled couplings to our customers in various industries, with special emphasis on HVAC fittings. Our manufacturing process includes innovative multi-axis CNC and Swiss machines. Many times our operation runs 24/7 lights out to keep manufacturing costs low and we pass that savings onto the customer.

Swivel-Tek works with customers to develop the most effective part for the use required.  We are constantly striving for the 6 sigma quality standard, and we achieve it on a regular basis.  We are also proficient in simple assembly and/or packaging of parts. This includes o-ring, snap ring, gasket and depressor insertion and/or packaging, including blister and clam shell packaging.

We desire to…

  • Satisfy the customer every time
  • Be the premier Refrigerant Service Coupler designer and manufacturer
  • Be the premier HVAC Anti-blowback designer and manufacturer
  • Consistently exceed customer expectations
  • Meet delivery deadlines

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